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We’re a family-owned real estate company with two brothers born and raised in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. Our roots are deep within our community because our ancestors immigrated to Philly in the late 1800s and resided in Manayunk/Roxborough. Growing up, we had our ties to the neighborhood by participating in local sports leagues, attending schools such as Cook-Wissahickon and Roxborough High School. Our co-owner Ryan had worked for a company called “Save the Children” which this non-profit collects funds for disadvantaged children.

Before starting our own real estate business, we unknowingly decided to participate in this industry. Because throughout our lives, our mother and uncle owned multiple rental properties. Over the years, we learned how to run rental homes properly — screen tenants and maintain the property and the relationship with the tenants.

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Our company consists of two brothers (Ian and Ryan). My younger brother “Ryan” has been in the real estate field since early 2018. He started his career as an acquisition specialist for a successful developer serving Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Bucks County. Within a couple of years, Ryan had assisted in completing over fifty real estate transactions, learning every aspect of being an investor. After Ryan’s mentor had retired, he could put his knowledge and experience to the test by starting his own business.

In 2020, Ryan began his real estate business with his older brother Ian. The two brothers aim to provide sellers a simple selling route while providing the most prominent offer. Utilizing customer service skills, the two go above and beyond to satisfy the needs of those they work closely with. At the same time, it provides the most efficient ways to sell property throughout Pennsylvania. A company that sells and buys homes in Montgomery County, Delaware County, Bucks County, Chester County, and Philadelphia.


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