Cash Offer For My Home Philadelphia Real Estate Company:

If you’re on our website, you may wonder how our process works to sell my house fast! Surprisingly, most people are familiar with how a cash home sale takes place. Therefore, selling your home off the market is becoming more common nowadays. Because of the money you save after the sale is completed. So, let us explain how it works step by step:

1.) First contact a real estate investor.

2.) Next negotiate a reasonable sales price.

3.) Followed by signing an agreement of sale with the property investor.

4.) Lastly, close on your property within three weeks.

Here are some basic tips to selling your house to a cash buyer:

1.) Make necessary updates or home repairs to maximize profit on the sale.

2.) Be prepared to negotiate the sale.

3.) Be aware of the fees associated with the sale; our company charges no fees or closing costs.

How it Works: Sell your house fast and easy to a family-owned real estate company. Once we agree upon a sales number we forward the brief contract agreement to a local title company to begin the title search process. Then, the title company clears all necessary documents to finalize the real estate transaction. Usually, the required documents clear within two weeks and the closing date is set following the completion. After purchasing the house we complete home upgrades and hold these homes as rental properties.

Our Processes

Step 1:

When you find yourself on our website. First, fill out our form by providing only your name, address, phone number, and email. Once we receive your information, we will contact you immediately.

Step 2:

We contact you and we schedule an appointment to view the property. Once we are able to compile an offer for the property. If we can agree on a number we sign a simple two page agreement of sale.

Step 3:

After we clear the title search on your home, we schedule a settlement date. We pick a date that works best for you! You then receive a check or transfer from the title company.